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A3, 29.7cm x 42cm (11.7" x 16.5") superbly printed with a matt lamination front side only.


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Hand Reading (Palmistry) Poster / Chart

Introduction: This Hand Reading / Palmistry poster provides a huge amount of information regarding the reading of lines, dermatoglyphics, hand shape, line markings, finger associations and more. Self-discovery through the study of our hands, a practice which has been used for hundreds of years. Based on original Eastern and more recently developed Hand Reading analysis techniques, it combines elemental illustrations and rich content providing all the details to get you started.
Poster Designer - David Walters (Dip Chiro)


Support provided by chirologists Helen Sandiford
and the UK's Leading Palmistry expert Johnny Fincham.

Beautifully illustrated • Original design • Informative layout
Details main elements to get you started • Available as A3 Poster


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Hand Reading (palmistry) Poster / Chart

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